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Air Blowing Tunnels / Continuous Dryers

For Large Production Quantities – Fast and Reliable

Continuous drying, which is always a fully automatic process, is suitable for high output applications and short throughput times. The quantities produced every minute or second may be dried, completely and gently, in exactly the same time. This can be done using a sophisticated combination of extremely dry air, targeted air routeing, and non-compressed air blowing technology, if required.

Closed System

One of the outstanding features of Airgenex® condensation drying systems is their closed air circuit. Continuous belt drying involves openings at the tunnel’s entrance and exit ends of the drying chamber. We always try to minimize these to prevent undesired air loss and to keep the precious heat in the system.

Determination of Parameters

Specific parameters such as belt length, belt speed and air routeing are determined by drying tests run on our in-house pilot plant station. Then, we work out a successful drying solution in close co-operation with you!

Or Rather a Batch Dryer?

It might be advisable, sometimes, to consider replacing continuous with batch drying. Projects realized have demonstrated that such replacement may render your process much easier for reasons including the following that such replacement may render your process much easier for reasons including the following.

_ There is no need for placing products separately on a conveyor,

_ There is no water carryover between the steriliser and the directly attached batch dryer.

_ A full pallet of products leaving the autoclave may be dried immediately,

_ Cooling may be integrated much better in a batch dryer.

_ Automation technology may be used to smoothly depalletise finish dried (and cooled) products .

_ Noise emission may be drastically reduced.

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