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Chamber Dryer H01

The H01 is an all-purpose dryer. Operators of such dryers enjoy extreme flexibility – they may dry a large portfolio of their products. Also, this dryer may be complemented by additional modules to meet any processing quantity requirement. So, there are no boundaries to your plans for the future!

Multifunctional Trolley

What is special about this dryer is the trolley with its variable functions. It may hold trays for drying items in single layer. The trolley may be converted easily, in almost no time, to hold drying pans which may accommodate bulk material up to 200 mm high. The trays and pans are available in stainless steel or plastic.

Drying with Your Baskets

The dryer may, of course, also be operated with no trolley inserted. If you use standard size baskets, you may stack these inside the dryer.

Configurations and Options

Find details about the H01 Trolley Dryer– configuration, performance and options – in our flyer.

For larger quantities to be dried, Harter can offer other batch solutions or continuous dryers.

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