Our way for drying

is special.
More safe. More fast. More reliable. More gentle.

DRYMEX®-Special Systems S-Line

These dryers are modular systems customised to meet your individual requirements including, of course, any space particularities. Other than standard dryers, S-line dryers normally have the dehumidification module and the drying container installed in separate places. To obtain best drying results and high process reliability, these systems, too, require a perfect combination of efficient dehumidification and individual air routeing. Our sludge drying with automatic and dust-free filling directly into the big bag is unique! The drying space, normally a container, is designed such that adequate ventilation of the pre-dewatered sludge is ensured. As our drying systems are always closed, environmental effects on the drying quality are safely excluded. The special drying systems are operated in fully automatic mode. The dryer shuts down automatically once the desired dry matter content is achieved.

DRYMEX® - Dehumidification ModuleWater Extraction Rate l/24h
Useful Container Volumes:
5 m³ to approx. 23 m³
- Air cooler core tubes made from corrosion resistant steel
- Fins made from epoxy resin coated aluminium
- Fully automatic humidity measurement and shut-down.
- Models S3 through S7 - anodised aluminium housing and powder coated aluminium frame
- Models S8 through S10 - 1.4301 corrosion resistant steel housing and frame

We shall be pleased to provide other drying systems for your sludges, such as ceiling mounted types if your chamber filter press is installed in a raised place or on the first floor of your building. Types for continuous operations may also be furnished. Feel free to contact us!

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