Our way for drying

is special.
More safe. More fast. More reliable. More gentle.

AIRGENEX®–Drying Technology –

for an absolutely perfect Result

With sufficient dry air and the right air flow, the smallest parts are dried completely, spotlessly and gently after electroplating, vibratory finishing or cleaning. Our condensation drying with heat pump in a closed air system enables energy-saving drying at low temperatures – with an absolutely perfect result. With this safe alternative, a process changeover from cleaning and drying with alcohol to aqueous cleaning with ultrasound and deionised water and subsequent optimal drying by Harter is also successful.

Drying in Vibarrel® Baskets

Bulk watch parts in baskets can be dried in so-called Vibarrel® baskets. Vibration causes movement in the baskets so that the parts always move in a circle. The bulk material is surface-coated and dried directly in the Vibarrel® baskets. Previous centrifuging or drying with alcohol are now a thing of the past. Harter dryers are equipped with a special airflow system that automatically adjusts to the size of the Vibarrel® baskets. In this way, different basket sizes can be run in one dryer to achieve maximum efficiency.

Drying of round Frames
Every form and variant of drying is possible. In this case, a dryer with five stations was realised for drying very small parts on bouclards. The drying chambers can be operated independently of each other. All drying parameters are set individually for each batch. Moreover, each bouclard rotates automatically. In this way, the drying runs completely evenly and you achieve an absolutely perfect result!
Drying in Screen Baskets

Bulk materials in screen baskets are also dried completely and homogeneously within the required cycle time thanks to the ingenious combination of extremely dry air and the right air guidance. Our low temperature drying avoids any staining or overheating due to its physically alternative approach.

Watch Dryer UTcompact
The compact and flexible watch dryer UTcompact can be used very flexibly – for racks (bouclards) and baskets (paniers) – especially for manual application. The all-in-one dryer consists of a drying chamber with air guidance system, an AIRGENEX® dehumidification unit and a Jumo Dicon control. The recirculation air capacity is 2x 2,000 m³/h. Optionally, the dryer can be equipped with a shaker for rotating racks or for shock/vibration movement for baskets.
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