Fast. Gentle. Reliable.

Low Energy Heat Pump Based Condensation Drying

Fast. Gentle. Reliable – These were the three requirements imposed on us by a manufacturer of aluminium products for the automotive industry. Three rack dryers, 75 °C drying temperature, 11 min drying time and 37 kW rated power.

FYSAM Auto Decorative GmbH is specialized in aluminium products for the automotive industry. Their major products are roof rail systems and decorative trimming. The company offers a comprehensive set of services ranging from design to machining, anodizing and final assembly. FYSAM, formerly SAM Automotive Group, has long maintained a good business relationship with facility manufacturer Driesch GmbH of Menden, Germany, who, in turn, has long done successful business with Stiefenhofen, Southern Germany, based drying system manufacturer Harter. Back in 2012, they installed a Driesch plating line at FYSAM’s Steinheim site – including three Harter rack dryers.

Details about this project can be found here (published in WOMAG 9/2020).

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