First Systems in Poland

First Systems in Poland

We have placed initial drying systems in Poland.

Drying of Plastic Components

Two hot air ovens were replaced by one Harter dryer in a contract electroplating shop in order to obtain better drying results for plated plastic parts. These parts, some of which have complex geometries, are completely dry after no more than 8.5 min at 70 °C. The specified cycle time of 10 min is thus fully met.

Drying of Aluminium Components

Following preparatory treatment, a large variety of aluminium parts for automotive applications is dried in a rack dryer at about 70 °C. The cycle time is confidential.

Drying of Plating Sludge

After several tests of other sludge dryers, the plant manager of an electroplating company was dissatisfied: „Too much manpower, too much dust, too much exhaust air!“ The Harter dryer produced the desired results in terms of handling, drying and energy saving. A ROI assessment showed a period of 2.4 years. The first two M5 sludge dryers are now installed in Poland for a daily three tons of sludge. Each working day, they extract some 1,600 l of water for which the customer does no longer have to pay disposal fees.