"Building the best drying systems is our passion" "We are innovation driven. And demanding. Much as you should be.“ "We put in heart and expertise to work out the ideal solution for you." "There is government subsidy available Don’t miss out on it!“ for our low carbon technology.

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Is your existing dryer a bottleneck in the production sequence? Do you want to improve the quality and speed of your drying? Do your products require gentle temperatures? Are you looking for drying method that is both efficient and energy saving?

Harter‘s heat pump based condensation drying reconciles all these seemingly conflicting qualities: low temperatures, gentle drying, short drying cycles, quality results, customized air routeing, integrated heat pump technology, energetically closed system. Fancy innovation?

Managing Owner of Harter

With our low energy and low carbon emission heat pump technology we make our contribution towards bolstering energy management and climate protection, issues that have gained much importance globally. Some years ago, when considering buying a dryer the fact that it saved energy was just a nice-to-have. Nowadays, saving energy – and carbon emission for that matter – is a high priority matter and, thus, also a reason for investment. Not least because government support money is often available for our integrated heat pump technology.

Reinhold Specht
Managing Owner of Harter

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Our Airgenex® drying systems are so CO2-saving that they are subsidised by the government.

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