Controlled Drying of Medical Cannabis

HARTER Dryers for Medical Cannabis:
Controlled and efficient Drying in a closed Air System

Long and uncontrolled drying times of medical cannabis become a thing of the past with innovative HARTER Dryers for Medical Cannabis.

Efficient AIRGENEX® MedCann condensation drying, based on the heat pump principle, takes place in an environment which can be controlled and ensures highest product quality.

In the AIRGENEX® MedCann dehumidification module the process air is dehydrated by cooling and reheated to the required temperature using a heat recuperation system. Unsaturated air is passed to the drying chamber where it absorbs the humidity of the product. Moist air is returned to the dehumidification process in a closed loop.

The drying process does not rely on the exchange of air with the ambient atmosphere and is thus independent of the climate present. Another benefit of the closed circuit is energy related – the full thermal energy is retained in the system. Thus, the environment inside the drying system may be controlled free from external influences.

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HARTER Dryers for Medical Cannabis
Dryers for Medical Cannabis: Drying in the GMP Process
Harter Drying Solutions – GMP Ready

Conformity with the manufacturing processes laid down in the GMP regulations is
imperative for producing medical cannabis.

Being part of the manufacturing process drying must also be GMP compliant. For many years, HARTER has engaged itself in drying pharmaceutical products gather much experience related to GMP.

HARTER has thus established itself on the market as a long-standing reliable supplier of high quality and GMP conforming drying technology.

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Customized Drying Profiles for individual Genetics and Uses

The various cannabis strains present individual challenges to achieving the perfect drying result.

The smart HARTER control software allows to vary

_ time versus temperature
_ drying time
_ air flowrate
_ recirculating air humidity
_ residual return air humidity
to obtain the desired drying result of each specific cannabis strain.

Together with you, we will develop the perfect drying profile for your specific cannabis strain, if desired.

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Dryers for Medical Cannabis
Hygienic Design Cleanroom GMP ready - HARTER Dryers for Medical Cannabis
Hygienic Design

Germs or pathogens may form if conventional cannabis drying areas are not sterile. Also, problem such as mildewing may occur again and again. HARTER drying systems are designed and built in accordance with hygienic design requirements. Ease of cleaning and conformance with hygienic standards was first reflected in the development of food drying systems and extended to the drying of medical cannabis. This ensures responsible drying of sensitive products.

Hygienic design precludes potential hygienic trouble spots by design. All materials and surfaces of HARTER drying systems can be easily cleaned or sterilized, if required. Contamination cannot accumulate in the first place or can be easily removed. HARTER MedCann hygienic design ensures product reliability.

_ Conformance with high hygienic standards
_ Ease of cleaning operations
_ Reduction of downtime

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High Carbon Savings with HARTER Drying System

Airgenex® heat pump based condensation drying systems have
demonstrated to reduce carbon emission considerably.
Also, the process parameters can be maintained constant with these

Optional Rehumidification for Homogenous Residual Humidity and Fermentation at Low Temperature

An important quality feature of cannabis is a homogenous dried bud. Thus, drying homogeneity plays an important role for the end product. Rehumidification can add humidity to the cannabis bud surfaces to obtain the desired residual humidity. Rehumidification may also be employed for the fermentation of cannabis.

Controlled Decarboxylation

Optional controlled decarboxylation of cannabinoids in the drying system reduces the number of production steps and produces a high quality product.

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