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Reliable and gentle drying

Food is a delicate good requiring optimum processing. Product integrity and safety have top priority in the drying process.

Our integrated heat pump system with its constant process parameters ensures reliable drying while low temperatures warrant gentle drying of your products. The closed system produces good results in terms of appearance, aroma and bioactivity.

The heat pump based condensation drying technology implemented in our Airgenex®food dryer is the optimum answer to your drying needs.

On the following pages, you may find advantages of our food dryers, how they work and where they are applied.

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Your Benefits

Low temperatures

Heat pump based condensation drying is capable of drying your products at temperatures variable between 20 °C and 75 °C. Temperatures up to 100 °C may be selected. Using low temperatures is a gentle way of drying your food. Drying is absolutely stress-free for your product.

Reliable and Efficient

Airgenex®food dryers ensure high efficiency of the drying process. Heat pump technology is used for air dehumidification. The drying operation is reliable and stabilizes your production process, thus contributing to optimizing the process.

Always the Suitable Drying Solution

Many years of experience in and know-how of many hundreds of drying applications ensure that you get the solutions exactly suiting your product and your production process. This is the only way to success for you, the customer, and us, the supplier.

Valuable Condensate

Projects realized so far have shown that the condensates obtained may contain volatile aromas and flavours. Harter’s condensation drying always puts you in a position to recycle the valuable condensate or its ingredients.

Closed system

HARTER drying systems are basically closed – no interchange with ambient air and, thus, no dependence from the climate. This helps to achieve positive results in terms of bioactivity, aromas and appearance. Sulphurization or addition of ascorbic acid to retain colour, for example, is not required. The dried products do not require any additional flavouring.

Less time, less energy

Compared with exhaust air dryers and conventional fan-based systems, our Airgenex®food dryers require much less time for drying, which is, of course, dependent upon the drying temperature and the texture of the product to be dried. This is achieved by using the alternative physical approach of heat pump based condensation drying. Optimum air conditioning and air routeing ensure energy and, thus, cost savings.

Combining Drying and Cooling

Our dryers may be easily modified for additional cooling if desired or required by the process. Quite a few combined drying-cooling systems are already in operation. We will also be happy to elaborate energy efficiency concepts, for example to return waste energy from cooling into other processes in your company.

Drying Systems for Food

We develop, design and manufacture drying systems both for batch and continuous operation. Our technology is modified to meet your specifications. All drying related parameters for your specific application are determined by prior tests in our test center.

For drying to be successful, a perfect match of air dehumidification and air routeing is required. Extremely dry, unsaturated air, at low temperatures, is routed exactly to the place where humidity is to be absorbed. This process – our heat pump based condensation drying – is applied in various types of system designs. Our drying systems are made of stainless steel and can be cleaned in compliance with applicable food standards. We shall be pleased to meet your specific hygienic design requirements. Just contact us!

Is your application different from above?

You will certainly understand that we cannot possibly list all our drying solutions here. If your application is not covered above, please contact us. We shall be pleased to offer non-committal consultation!


With our energy-saving drying systems, you can gently dry all types of food.

Do you have a different product to the examples below? We are an innovative team and look forward to new tasks. Have your product tested in our Test Center without obligation. Contact us – we will be happy to advise you without obligation!

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Fruits & Vegetables

are gently dried at the desired / optimum temperature, which is normally between 35 and 65 °C.

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Tropical Fruit

Tropical fruit snacks are much longer keepable and taste almost as fresh when subjected to our gently drying. Drying makes is possible to turn the whole harvest to account.

Gentle drying of nuts | HARTER drying solutions
Shell Nuts

We minimise the residual humidity in the relatively dry nuts either to best prepare them for grinding or to enhance their shelf life.

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Grasses & Herbs

Our gentle low temperature drying helps to best manufacture your products. Applications are manifold and individual. So are our drying solutions.

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Do you want to dry your raw paste in a gentle and uniform way? Or does your product have a coating that requires gentle drying? We develop and design batch and continuous solutions for your production.

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Digested Residue & Pomace

Do you need a drying system for a planned up-cycle product? We can help you develop a new valuable product from what seems to be waste material.

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Algae have various uses. Algae powder, for example, may be used as a dietary supplement or in pharmaceutical products. Our gentle drying ensures that the valuable substances of the plant are retained.

Something else?

Do you have a product that differs from the examples given here? We are an innovative team and look forward to new tasks. Have your product tested in our Pilot Plant Station without obligation. Contact us – we will be happy to advise you without obligation!

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Meat & Sausages

Do you wish to create a new snack? Sausage chips, salami chips, ham chips or dried meat, meat chips, beef jerky or any other odd idea – taking us as your technology partner will be a large step towards advancing your plan!

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Insect Food / Entofood

Protein-rich edible insects are coming to the fore as an alternative to meat. Entotarian food products, such as snacks, sauces, or spreads, also require good drying for further processing or preserving.

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Feed / Pet Food

Are you looking for a low temperature drying system to preserve valuable ingredients in your products? Or do you want to find a system to make your product sterile so that you need higher temperatures? We can offer solutions to meet any challenge! Please click here for further information about drying of pet food.

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Packaged Food

For details of drying packaged food click here.

The Process

Extremely dry process air at the right place: A nifty combination of air conditioning and air routeing ensures efficient and high quality drying results.

Where Drying becomes a Special Event

Our Test Center – where Ideas are forged

Our test center is unique.

A room full of technical equipment and opportunities.
A place full of ingenuity and innovation.
Engineering spirit meets creativity.
Clients with faces in wonder.

Please, come in!

Tests provide valuable Information and Confidence

Series of tests run in our test center provide valuable information and confidence. We test your product for response to temperature, time, humidity, air speed and airflow rate. We also look at the routeing of the air inside the dryer because this is a critical factor on the way to success. To do all this, we have several multifunctional dryers which our food engineer adapts to the specific application. Our service to you includes, of course, an evaluation and interpretation of, and a comprehensive report on the results of these tests.

Sometimes, the parameters for a successful solution are clear at hand after just one series of tests. Every now and then, several runs with varying configurations are required. This is the moment when it takes the knowledge and creativity of our food engineer to find a good solution. And we always find one.

We have run thousands of drying tests in our test center in more than 30 years. The experience gathered and the know-how obtained therefrom may not be valued high enough. And it is for your benefit.

A Day filled with more than just Engineering Matters

You are welcome to witness our tests. See with your very eyes how powerful our condensation drying is and how we create viable solutions. We will give you an insight into drying issues. It is equally important that your product and process expertise is duly reflected so that the joint project may be successful. We also cultivate hospitality and good company. So, your stay will be both pleasant and informative.

Loan Dryers & Special Services

It may appear reasonable to run drying tests at your premises using a system provided on loan. In such case, one of our qualified engineers will instruct you on how to run your own tests. We also build larger scale test set-ups as agreed.

You are a Manufacturer and want a better Dryer?

You already have a product and a process and wish to optimise your drying process? Maybe the energy consumption of your existing dryer is too high? Or you want to raise your throughput? A shorter drying time would be helpful? Or you just want to know the impact of our low temperatures on the aroma, appearance, haptics and ingredients of your product?

Our test center will provide answers to your questions. You tell us the ideal conditions under which your product should get dry. As an outcome of our tests, we will furnish a solution. The results are very often much better than expected by our customers. We can routinely stun our customers in terms of colour & aroma, time & temperature.

You have a new Product Idea?

You are planning to introduce an entirely new product and do not know exactly how to do the drying?

Whatever the challenge to be met we will be glad to deal with it. It is our passion to find the best drying solutions. When running tests, our food engineer quickly sees which parameters are best suited to ensure successful drying. If products are particularly demanding there is always an engineering trick to help us arrive at a solution.

You are a Research Enterprise or a University?

We have repeatedly taken on the drying part in several research projects that included the defined dehumidification of a product. We also regularly employ undergraduates who contribute to research projects by doing their own research and work. Universities have used our loan systems to run their own series of tests for various research purposes. Extensive mutual exchange is conducive to the advancement of both parties‘ endeavours.

Technical Sales

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