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Decentralised Drying of Wastewater Sludge -

a Good Solution in Many Respects

You may save up to 60 percent of your disposal cost if you do not only dewater but also subsequently dry your sludge. Drymex® dryers can ideally reduce the weight and volume of your sludge by 60 percent.

Many ways open up with dried sludge. It may conform with present or future regulations. Having a higher calorific value the dried sludge may be disposed of at a lower price. Heat pump assisted drying is extremely energy and carbon efficient. So, both your financial and environmental ambitions can be fulfilled.

Why heat pump assisted drying of all things? Compared with conventional systems a heat pump will save you an enormous amount of operating cost and carbon emission.

This may well be worth discussing, calculating, and considering. The potential of heat pump assisted drying will reveal itself in tests in our Test Center and with a loan dryer.

Details about wastewater sludge drying, how it works, and about our drying systems are given hereinunder.

Your Benefits

Saving money through drying

Most of the money spent on disposal is actually spent on water. Our heat pump assisted drying technique reduces the weight and volume of your sludge by as much as 60 percent. So, your disposal cost will consequently be 60 percent lower.

Low temperatures
Low temperatures may be used for air dehumidification. Drymex® sludge dryers operate at a defined temperature of between 20 °C and 50 °C.
Confidence through tests
We will be pleased to test your sludge for response to drying in our Test Center. You may witness how efficient our technology is for your product!
Reducing energy consumption and carbon emission
The heat pump technology integrated in each of our dryers is intrinsically efficient and ecologically reasonable. The extraction of water requires only 0.4 kWh/litre.
Closed air circuit
Our dryers use a closed air system. This makes drying independent of the climate and the weather. The closed circuit makes the process even more efficient.
The right air at the right place
The perfect combination of extremely dry air and appropriate air routeing ensures that the sludge is dried in an efficient, reliable, and uniform way.
Lasting value, robust and profitable
We furnish high quality, reliable systems that will pay off quickly through high disposal cost savings.

Belt dryer

for wastewater sludge drying

Our Drymex® drying systems can be used for pre-dewatered aqueous sludge and substrates. Continuous belt drying is the best solution for centrifugated or screw pressed wastewater sludge. Batch solutions may be offered if a chamber filter press is used.

Your application is different?

You will surely understand that we cannot possibly list all our potential applications.

If you have not found your application here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to give you advice without engagement on your part!

Response to any demand

Our belt drying systems are modular solutions. We developed a special module which may have one or more of them added to give a system comprising ten modules maximum in line. So, you can have a drying system of the size required for your application.


Each of our individual modules is capable of drying about 100 kg per hour of wastewater sludge. Modules may be added to dry 1,000 kg/h maximum. The present limit is 140,000 PE.


Our drying system requires sludge feeding in the hopper above the module, and removal of the sludge upon drying. Do you have a conveyance system that may be integrated with our drying system? Or do you need new conveyance? We may discuss the best solution for you.

The Process

The heat pump module provides the necessary process air and is also responsible for the condensation process: We use extremely dry and, thus, unsaturated air uniformly passed through the sludge. Efficient air conditioning combined with appropriate air routeing ensures quality drying results.

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Test Center, Trials & Loan Dryers

Have your sludge tested

Drying tests in our test center are a reasonable approach to determine the parameters relevant for successful drying. We test your product for response to temperature, humidity, time, air speed and airflow rate. The test results form the basis for further layout and design, which will also reflect the knowhow gathered in hundreds of projects realised in various business sectors so far

Tell us the sludge quantity to be dried and send us a representative specimen. For a test in our Test Center, a two to three kg specimen will normally be sufficient. The drying test will show the potential weight and volume reduction. We will return the dried specimen upon completion of the test.

Tests on site

The test in our test center will provide an indication of the feasibility as such. If the outcome is positive, it appears reasonable to test larger sludge quantities, too. We offer our loan dryer for larger scale tests. The loan dryer is a belt dryer module for processing about 100 kg per hour. You may use this dryer to perform your own testing at your premises. It goes without saying that our engineer will give you a thorough instruction on using the dryer.

What can we do for you?

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We have successfully installed more than 2,000 drying systems to date. Here is a small selection of references.

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