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Drying after

Surface finishing, Painting and Cleaning

The HARTER purpose devised Airgenex® drying technology is capable of drying surfaces and solid matter of all kind in a gentle and energy saving way, plus reliably and fast. This so-called heat pump based condensation drying resolves drying problems and optimizes manufacturing processes.

On the following pages, you – no matter if you are a plant operator, construction company or planning office – may find advantages of our drying technology, how it works and where it is applied.

Your Benefits

Very fast

Airgenex® condensation drying saves you 50% of time required by conventional drying methods, such as hot air drying or simple fan-based systems. You will be surprised how much we can reduce your drying time!

Very reliable

The dehumidification process takes place in a system which is closed in terms of thermal energy. Our drying systems are thus completely independent of effects of the climate and the weather. This ensures highest process reliability for you. Plus you are on the safe side if production quantities need to be raised.

Very efficient

The heart of the Airgenex® dryer is a highly efficient heat pump based dehumidification module. Components installed are the best available, some of them purpose built for us, and are made from high grade materials. We combine air dehumidification with sophisticated air routeing such that the dry process air is directed only to where it is supposed to absorb humidity. Also, drying is effected in a closed system with heat recuperation. This makes drying take full effect while being extremely cost effective.

Very gentle

Airgenex® dries products or materials at low temperatures between 20°C and 90°C as required for the specific application. This low temperature drying prevents undesired heating of the materials and products. Stain-free parts and reduced reject quantity means higher productivity for you.


Factors which will optimise the efficiency of the drying process vary for each application. In-barrel drying of bulk material poses challenges much different from those of drying racked products with complex geometries or painted surface.

The most common applications are shown below.

Your application is different?

You will surely understand that, with more than thousand drying systems installed, we cannot possibly list all our potential applications. If your application is not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to give you advice without engagement on your part!

The Process

We dry using dry air directed to the right places: A perfect interaction of air conditioning and air routeing provides the best drying result possible.

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Where Drying becomes a Special Event

Our Test Center – where Ideas are forged

Our test center is unique.

A room full of technical equipment and opportunities.

A place full of creativity and innovation.
Tinkers with experience and inventive spirit.
Clients with faces in wonder.

Please, come in!

Tests provide valuable Information and Confidence

Series of tests run in our test center provide valuable information and confidence. We test your product for response to temperature, time, humidity, air speed and airflow rate. We also look at the routeing of the air inside the dryer because this is a critical factor on the way to success. To do all this, we have several multifunctional dryers which our engineers adapt to the specific application. Our service to you includes, of course, an evaluation and interpretation of, and a comprehensive report on the results of these tests.

Sometimes, the solution is clear at hand after just one series of tests. Every now and then, numerous series with varying parameters are required. This is the moment when it takes our resourceful engineers with all their creativity to find a good solution. And they always find one.

We have run thousands of drying tests in our test center in more than 30 years. The experience gathered and the know-how obtained therefrom may not be valued high enough. And it is for your benefit.

A Day filled with more than just Engineering Matters

You are welcome to witness our tests. See with your very eyes how powerful our condensation drying is and how we create viable solutions. We will give you an insight into drying issues relating to your product. We also cultivate hospitality and good company. So, your stay will be both pleasant and informative.

Loan Dryers & Special Services

It may appear reasonable to run drying tests at your premises using a system provided on loan. In such case, one of our qualified engineers will instruct you on how to run your own tests. We also build larger scale test set-ups as agreed.

You are a Manufacturer and want a better Dryer?

You already have a product and a process but are less than satisfied with your existing drying system? Or the high energy consumption is no longer acceptable? You want to change something? Maybe you are unsure if our technology keeps what is promises?

Our test center will provide answers to your questions. You tell us the ideal conditions under which your product should get dry. As an outcome of our tests, we will furnish a solution. The results are very often much better than expected by our customers. Our process, for example, will often be short of the specified cycle time. When it comes to drying bulk material, we can routinely stun our customers.

You are Planning Something New and are Uncertain as to Exactly how?

Do you intend to change from alcoholic to aqueous cleaning? Or you intend to use water-soluble paint only? Perhaps you stop using solvent-based adhesive? Or you are planning to introduce an entirely new product?

Whatever the challenge to be met we will be glad to deal with it. It is our passion to find the best drying solutions. When running tests, our engineers quickly see which process is best suited to ensure successful drying. If products are particularly demanding there is always an engineering trick to help us arrive at a solution.

You are a Subcontract Processor of a Wide Range of Products?

Let us suppose you are a subcontract electroplating company processing a wide range of products. You might not know yet which products you will process in the future. In such situations, our tests will reflect the most complex items to be dried. We will allow for some extra margin to give you maximum assurance. This way we can ultimately ensure that our system will be capable of covering your whole range of products today and later.

Managing Owner

Our pilot plant station is a place where ideas are forged. People who can think creatively and alternatively work and tinker here. It is a place where challenging tasks turn into reliable solutions.

Reinhold Specht
Managing Owner

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These Companies

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We have successfully installed more than 2,000 drying systems to date. Here is a small selection of references.

BMW Group
Carl Zeiss Vision
Claudius Peters
Galvano Wullimann
Hertfelder Lackierwerk
Inge Lenntech
John Toys
KTB Spritzguss
Liebherr Aerospace
Mannesmann Precision Tubes
Prym Fashion
Reichert Holztechnik
Schirmer Galvanotechnik
SICK Sensor Intelligence
Tyrolia Ski Bindings
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