Our way for drying

is special.
More fast. More reliable. More gentle. More safe.

Barrel Dryers

We Can In-Barrel Drying!

Adequate air routeing through the barrel / the products is always the most critical issue when it comes to barrel drying. Dry air can be force routed through the barrel with the help of a sealing system designed for the specific barrel. The perfect combination of dehumidification and customised air routing ensures complete, uniform and gentle in-barrel drying of you products. Drying is accomplished with minimal intermittent or no barrel movement, as applicable for the specific product or quantity. Where in-barrel drying is desired, we can draw from hundreds of solutions already realised in other sectors of industry.

For More Robust Pet Food or Animal Feed

In-barrel drying, just as all other types of drying, is accomplished at low temperatures within the time frame desired. It is suitable for products less sensitive to being moved such as nuts for bird food. The post-drying appearance of in-barrel dried products is less important.

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