Our way for drying

is special.
More fast. More reliable. More gentle. More safe.

Trolley Dryers / Chamber Dryers

in Batch Operation

Manual Drying Operation

The products to be dried are placed in baskets or trays stacked in a trolley. The trolleys are manually loaded in the drying chamber where the products are gently – low temperature – dried within the desired time frame.

Trolley Size

The number of trays in a trolley is specified by you or is as required to accommodate the desired product quantity. We are flexible as to the size of the trolleys. As standard size, trolley chambers are designed to accommodate europallets. Alternatively, our drying system may be modified to accommodate your existing trolleys. And, of course, we also offer the complete drying system including customised trolleys.

Flexible System Design

We are also extremely flexible as to other features of our drying systems. They may, of course, be used to dry different products at variable temperatures and within variable drying times. Trolley dryers in batch mode may be used for drying operations without subsequent automatic production processes. If your throughput rises our drying systems may easily be extended to grow with your requirements.

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