Our way for drying

is special.
More fast. More reliable. More gentle. More safe.

Drying of

racked Products

We have grown big with rack drying.

Airgenex® rack dryers have made up most of our engineering and manufacture for many years. We have implemented hundreds of them. This is where our roots lie.

We build rack dryers from polypropylene or stainless steel and combine them with an Airgenex® dehumidification module. We design the dryers such that they can accommodate the maximum dimensions of your rack and fit in the space available on site.

Upstream Non-compressed Air Blowing Station

We offer optional non-compressed air blowoff before the drying process proper for particular applications.

Each rack dryer has an inbuilt automatic lid system. It opens only when the rack is being inserted or extracted. This keeps the precious heat inside the system.

Our dryers are equipped with EC fans as standard, which can be controlled via a 0-10V signal. Should you have a larger portfolio of products, we can also optionally equip the dryer with a frequency converter to control the airflow rate for each product being dried.

We will be happy to run tests in our pilot plant station so that you may witness the efficiency of our dryers.

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