Energy-saving and Reliable  Drying of Cat Food

Energy-saving and Reliable Drying of Cat Food

An Austrian pet food manufacturer replaced their gas operated dryer with a heat pump based system. This helped to reduce their cost of operation considerably. The company is more than satisfied with the reproducible and energy-saving drying process and the excellent drying quality they can now enjoy.

Rupp Food Austria GmbH is a fourth-generation family enterprise selling dog and pet food around the world today. The business started by acquiring a mill to produce flake cereals at the beginning of the last century. Oats have been an important part of the Austrian company’s portfolio to the present day. In 1975, they started manufacturing pet food which has been their primary product ever since. Managed by Hubert and Christoph Rupp the company produces quality dog and cat food with a workforce of about 160 with a focus on meeting highest quality standards throughout their business.

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